Thursday, May 07, 2009


Why do the nations
Run like wild horses
Trampling the grass
Whinnying and neighing

A ruckus
Proud to be free

To be free

A better translation perhaps
For psalm two

The root word in Hebrew
For rage
The snorting of horses

But what use is a horse
That runs free
To beat down the vineyard
And wheat field

To answer to no master
To be free

Of what use is the horse

In acts
After the wondrous events
Of the ascension
The election of Matthias
And Peter’s sermon
The church set out
To make society better

The poor were fed
The sick were consoled
The widow was befriended
The work was done with a happy face
No gloomy Christians there

They were useful

They had accepted
The bridle of Christ
They were useful

The nations may rage
As wild horses will
But eventually
They will be broken
God’s will
Will be done
And the horse will come
At its masters call

Frank a Vollmer

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